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A Greener Approach

Sustainability, energy reduction and green real estate development are important parts of our work as a developer. We believe our buildings can have a profound impact on our communities’ natural environment, economy, health and productivity.

At the heart of every Ishtika’s home is a connection with nature. Our signature features, like bodies of water and imaginative landscaping, bring a sense of ease and tranquility. With almost every space surrounded by lush greenery and natural materials, it’s impossible not to breathe easier and feel better in a Ishtika home.

Our Projects

Our Architect


We associate with only the most renowned consultants from around the country. For Agastya we have engaged Jayakumar & Associates who are best in class when it comes to architecture and design.

Every Space they create is centered on functionality and simplicity in design with a modernist aesthetic approach.

Recently been bestowed with HUDCO DESIGN AWARD 2018 in Urban Housing category for their flagship project “Good Earth Terraces”.

Family Value System


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